Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Today I've been all over the place downloading freebie digital scrapping supplies. There is tons of stuff to be had. Of course that means I've also done a little shopping but the good thing is that digital scrapbook supplies are not very expensive so I haven't even spent $20...and I've done a fair bit of shopping.

But let's get back to the freebies. I think I've already mentioned that I started at BHG's site. I like their digital scrapbooking section. Presumably there's a link there somewhere to take you to their freebies. But no matter what, they have tutorials, layout ideas, tips, and lots of useful information.

The next site I found was ScrapGirls. The have a big freebie kit plus I signed up for their newsletter which has a freebie everyday. I enjoy looking at the newsletter. It has layout ideas and there's always a little tutorial. Plus *I* think their designers are pretty good.

ScrapArtist is another site that I like and they have freebies too.

Somehow I ended up at ScrapNFonts. I signed up for newsletter and they gave me 3 free fonts for doing that (I'm getting a little addicted to fonts). I never realized that fonts can actually be fairly cheap. ScrapNFonts had a sale over the weekend and practially every font was $1 so I bought a couple. Then today I picked up a few more at ComputerScrapbook ranging from $.75 to $.99.

I stumbled onto those because Computer Scrapbook is another site with some freebies enticing you to sample their supplies.

You can get freebies from various individual blogs like Eclectic Thoughts or Simply Clean Digi Scraps or Scrapper's Muse et cetera.

And here's a site with various different lists including the best places for freebies. Haven't checked out all their sites but it looks like they actually have a lot of good info.

Anyway, the way I got started today was just by googling "scrapbook freebies" and that pulled up tons of stuff. It's crazy. Right now I'm actually choosing to stop looking around because there's just too much stuff. I'm tired of organizing all the stuff I downloaded. Plus in some of the kits I downloaded, I got some stuff that I'm not sure I would even use. I'm either going to delete it outright, or maybe just stick it in a category called "Not My Style" and then if I don't use it in like a month, out it goes. (I'm using ACDSee of course so my stuff is all categorized and cross referenced. Much handier than working with paper supplies!)

Oh yeah, I should upload my latest layout. I have to restart my computer to do that though because Picasa is acting squirly. So let me go do that. Actually, I'll do it tomorrow. Right now I'm going to bed.

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