Monday, March 30, 2009

Hair Twist

From Scrapt
Background: Jan Hosford Skipping School
Font: Century Gothic
Template: Cathy Zielske Design Your Life class
Actions: Pioneer Woman Sepia, Totally Rad Actions Super, Fun Happy

Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Conversation Overheard

From Scrapt

Staples: Correen Silke
Background: Shalae Tippetts Fall Watercolors Blue Paper
Conversation Overheard brush: Maryann Wise Journaling Challenge 3/08/09
Font: Times New Roman


Annika: I want to go to Auntie Joy's house.
Me: That's nice, what do you want to do at Auntie Joy's house?
Annika: I want to pet our cat.
Me: Oh...Annika, honey...our cat got sick, sweetie. Our cat passed away.
Annika: Where did our cat go? I want to pet our cat.
Me: Annika, remember when Daddy's grandma died? Our cat died too, honey.
Annika [sobbing]: I wanted to pet our cat before she die-ed.
Maggie to Oskar: Did you know your Daddy's Grandma died?
Oskar to Maggie: Yes, I'm sad about that.
Annika [between sobs]: Why did our cat die?
Me: She got sick.
Annika: Can I pet her when she gets better?
Me: She's not coming back, honey.
Annika: Where do animals and people go when they die?
Me: Well honey, people believe that we go to Heaven.
Someone, perhaps Kiersten: What's Heaven?
Maggie: Heaven is where baby Jesus is born on Christmas morning.

- Conversation while driving home from preschool, March 23, 2009
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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Labor Notes

From Scrapt
Purple ribbon Zazou
Tag TCS Scrapgirls Refresh
white font CK Ali's Writing
gray font karabinE.
purple font LD Slanted (and Anna Aspnes Wish plum paper)
Journaling font: Century Gothic
background paper Angie Briggs

Family Tree take 2

From Scrapt
I redid this page for Kardynn's book last night too. Here's the old and the new pages next to each other, because I don't think I ever uploaded it before. It was a royal mess!!
From Scrapt

A Breech of Protocol

From Scrapt
Olho de boi font
LD Little Fishie font
Jackie Eckles web challenge 6/25/06
Designer Digitals
background paper is one that I bought back when I was paper scrapping, and scanned to use for this LO

I'm scrapping again! Yippie!

Baby #4

From Scrapt
Redid this LO. Click here for the original.