Saturday, October 27, 2007

First Digital Layouts

Here's a page for the new baby's book (and my absolute first attempt at a digital layout). I did everything myself on this one. So if you ever need a pink and blue striped background, let me know!

Yesterday I used one of my templates to actually create a layout. It looks pretty shabby compared to all the beautiful layouts I've been seeing on the web but...hey...we all start somewhere. The background paper and alphabet were freebies from BHG's site created by Lisa Whitney. I googled her and found this site. Lottsa cool layouts there to inspire you! And the template was inspired by this page designed by Leslie Lightfoot. (So no creative points for me!) Not to mention, I didn't even do a good job scraplifting because Leslie's page is much more visually aesthetic. I may actually do some more work to this later. I like how Leslie mixed b&w with color so I was thinking I wanted to do it but was too lazy to do it at that moment. :)

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