Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Conversation Overheard

From Scrapt

Staples: Correen Silke
Background: Shalae Tippetts Fall Watercolors Blue Paper
Conversation Overheard brush: Maryann Wise Journaling Challenge 3/08/09
Font: Times New Roman


Annika: I want to go to Auntie Joy's house.
Me: That's nice, what do you want to do at Auntie Joy's house?
Annika: I want to pet our cat.
Me: Oh...Annika, honey...our cat got sick, sweetie. Our cat passed away.
Annika: Where did our cat go? I want to pet our cat.
Me: Annika, remember when Daddy's grandma died? Our cat died too, honey.
Annika [sobbing]: I wanted to pet our cat before she die-ed.
Maggie to Oskar: Did you know your Daddy's Grandma died?
Oskar to Maggie: Yes, I'm sad about that.
Annika [between sobs]: Why did our cat die?
Me: She got sick.
Annika: Can I pet her when she gets better?
Me: She's not coming back, honey.
Annika: Where do animals and people go when they die?
Me: Well honey, people believe that we go to Heaven.
Someone, perhaps Kiersten: What's Heaven?
Maggie: Heaven is where baby Jesus is born on Christmas morning.

- Conversation while driving home from preschool, March 23, 2009
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