Friday, October 02, 2009

Thank you for inviting me to contribute. I've never written on a blog before so thanks for your patience if I don't do something right. I've always been a big scrapbooker (in fact I recently took a look at my jr high scrapbook pages which are in bad shape 26 years later and need to figure out what to do. If it were just photos, I could re-do them but it is magazine cut-out, funny 7th grade writing, my view of the world at the time that I don't want to lose. Any suggestions?) but somehow I let scrapbooking become a chore, always feeling a bit behind. (I think it has to do with moving to Europe and having children -- both events that created more photos than I'll ever know what to do with.) But in a little back and forth with lovely creator of this blog and I'm finding it a labor of love again. I've been stealing away a little time here and there (after the kids are in bed, before I collapse) and loving it. Also, both of C.Z.'s books arrived in the mail to me. I've only read one part and have already had an a-ha moment -- I always feel sorry for myself that I don't have room to scrap (sometimes I'm doing it on my bed!) and then I read that even Cathy Zielske scrapbooks on her dining room table and just makes the best of what she has. Totally cool!

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hezro said...

(How did I miss this post before?!) I totally understand the joy you're describing. I don't know why but scrapbooking makes me SO happy too. Something about it just speaks to my authentic self. I'm the family historian through and through. I started taking pictures of my family when I was about ten years old. (Though, my annual output was probably comparable to today's daily output. *hehe*) And early on I started adding words to my photos. I love it. I love documenting my life. I'm a scrapbooking nerd, what can I say?! (And I'm so happy for my fellow enthusiasts! This blog is so much more fun with you guys chipping in!!)