Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Just a little bit

Heather so kindly invited me to be a contributor to this blog and in honor of that, the first pages I'm uploading are a before and after. I know Heather really likes Cathy Zielski, and I checked out some of her stuff yesterday. I have to admit, from the little bit I was exposed to, I also like her style and philosophy. Since I'm not in the position to take any of her classes at the moment, I read some of her past articles that were posted on her website (the link is posted to the left under design). Now in the scope of what I'm sure I could learn from CZ, the information I got was just a little bit of what is available, but that little bit has already made a difference.

So here is my first layout...It's ok, but not particularly great. After reading those few articles yesterday, I took another whack at the layout and I think it looks MUCH better.
Just a few changes really, but a vast improvement. Now I hope to quickly get to the point where this deliberateness in design is second nature.

On my list of things I want to do in life: Take some of CZ's classes, oh, and earn enough money to afford it!


hezro said...

You don't think you could talk work into paying for a design class for you? Because that "Design Your Life" class coming up in the Spring is AWESOME! She teaches design principles and then applies it to scrapbooking. It was amazing. I learned so much! Sometimes it might just be a "Oh, so that's what I like that..." but anyway, great class!! Worth every penny of that $99!!

mmemarie said...

I might be able to talk them into it, as long as I could show that it was relevant and not just about scrapbooking!