Saturday, December 29, 2007

Two Peas in a Bucket

How is it that I haven't visited Two Peas in a Bucket's web site? I've read about them time and time again and just went there and realized, "hey, this doesn't look familiar!" So check it out. Good site! Plus they have free fonts. Can't argue with that. ;)

Yesterday I hooked up my new Wacom Bamboo Fun! And it *is* fun. I haven't found the perfect brush for writing yet. Maybe just because it's an entry-level graphics tablet but when I write - especially cursive - it's a little blocky...or something (think connect-the-dots). So I need to figure that out. I was having better luck with one of the natural brushes than I was with the basic brushes. It's better if I use bigger brushes too, but that's not great for handwriting. So I need to play around some more. I already tried changing all the settings for the tablet and that didn't seem to make much of a difference. Maybe I just don't push hard enough??

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